The summer season is often when people’s thoughts turn to moving. For families with kids, the summer is a great time to transition into a new home, especially if you’re relocating to a new school district.  If you are planning a summer move, here are some tips specific for the season.

Beat the Heat and Start the Day Early  

When moving to a new home in the summer, the earlier you can start, the easier it will be for your helpers. Because it is difficult to work under the heat of the sun, you want to complete as much of the move as possible in the morning. While there are many factors that will dictate how early you can start, the earlier the better because the day will get progressively hotter as you go.

Set up Your Utilities Before the Move

It’s always a good idea to set up your utilities before moving into a new home, but in the summer, this is even more important. You and your moving crew will appreciate the comforts of your air conditioner when it comes time to unload all your boxes and large furniture pieces. If you plan on arriving at your new home later in the afternoon, consider heading to your new home early to set  the air conditioner so that it can be can be nice and cool when you arrive. In addition, for those who are moving to a single family house, you want to make sure to start your water service before your move in date. Not only will you will need to keep everyone hydrated, you will also want running water if anyone needs to use the restroom during the move. What’s more, imagine not being able to take a cool shower after a long, sweaty day of moving!

Keep Your Help Hydrated

If the temperatures are very high on your moving day, consider preparing a box of bottled water and some ice to keep your movers hydrated. Even if you have the air conditioning blasting in your new home, it will still be warm outside, and moving is by no means an easy task. Your movers will be doing manual labor, so you want to give them something to drink to keep everyone healthy and in good physical shape.

Plan for the Kids

If you have kids, you will need to make plans for them during the move. Since it’s summer break, you won’t be able to send them to school, so you’ll need a babysitter for kids who are too young to provide any real help during the move. To avoid an expense (and to have the comfort of knowing that your kids will be with someone you trust), consider reaching out to your close friends or family who are parents themselves. You can even set up a play date with your children’s friends and their parents so that they can have some fun, and you can have peace of mind.

If you have no option for outside childcare, set up a room in your home to serve as the playroom on moving day. Keep the kids in one room and provide a small TV with some new DVDs or some toys that you can unpack first. This is not the ideal situation, but it may help prevent having kids underfoot and in danger. Here are some more tips for moving with young children.

Keep Your Pets Cool

Like your kids, your pets are going to be need some special attention on the move in day, especially during the summer. On a hot summer day you probably don’t want to leave them in the yard all day, plus one of your helpers might leave the gate open while moving in your furniture. Since your pet will not recognize your new house as its home, this is a recipe for a runaway. Most veterinary clinics offer temporary kenneling you can use for your pet for the day. A doggy daycare is another excellent option to consider.

Moving in the summer can be convenient, but it requires a little bit of extra planning. Keep these moving tips and advice in mind if you are moving to a new home this summer.